Q&A with Michelle Meyers
from Joli G Interiors and Designs

"Michelle Meyers, a certified residential interior designer will help you create a beautiful, functional, and unique space that is everything you need it to be and more."

Southern California interior designer Michelle Meyers, the owner of Joli G Interiors and Designs, writes "I feel fortunate that I have been able to build a thriving career and business doing what I am truly passionate about" and that really shows through her incredible work. Michelle believes that everyone should love the space they live in and she wants to help her clients achieve a space that exceeds their expectations.

Our team spoke with Michelle about her personal style, her design process and great tips on mirror functionality. See what she had to say below, along with a look at a few of her recent projects.

Image Credit: Joli G Designs

Q: I see you were awarded “best of 2021 projects” by ProSource twice last year, what sets your design projects apart from others?

A: I have a lot of range within the design projects that I take on, everything from a small condo on a budget to luxury home remodels. My clients range in age, style and budget and because of this, I am always trying to work within those specific parameters so I can achieve the best possible outcome for my clients. I try to listen to each clients specific needs and design goals and then make their design exceed their expectations.

Image Credit: Joli G Designs

Q: How would you define your personal style, and how do you incorporate that into your work?

A: I love classic lines and pieces that are timeless. I love mixing old with new and contrasting dark and lights. I love to mix in vintage rugs, and personal effects that have a meaning and story for my client. I get really excited when a client has interesting pieces such as a unique furniture piece, art or old books or decor that I can work into a design. I believe your home and the spaces in your home should reflect you!

Image Credit: Joli G Designs

Q: Can you tell us a little about your biggest design project?

A: I don't hold bigger design projects above smaller projects. Some of my favorite and most memorable projects have been the smaller projects or lower budget projects. Whether a project is a single room, or an entire house, I really feel that the design process is a unique journey that I am always humbled to be invited on. I always tell my clients that the design process is just as important to me as the end result. I strive to add value not only in the final outcome, but also in the journey that we took to get there.

Image Credit: Joli G Designs

Q: What is your methodology when it comes to picking out accent pieces?

A: I stockpile and house tons and tons of accents in a warehouse just for installs. On an install day, I bring loads and loads of options to play around with. I always forewarn clients that I over bring to ensure that I will have exactly what I need and more!

Image Credit: Joli G Designs

A: Where do mirrors fit into your overall design process?

A: Mirrors are my go to for creating a statement, often I can't get a client to commit to a large piece of art either because of cost or art can be very personal...mirrors are great because they don't typically go out of style, they can create a wow factor in any space, and they add light.

Q: You often work with large mirrors in your previous projects. If you had to choose one mirror from our oversized mirrors collections, which one would you choose and why?

A: love the round mirror option that is lit up - would be perfect in a bathroom!