Q&A with Genevieve Chambliss from Viève Interiors

"Genevieve Chambliss has a knack for designing cohesive and thoughtful spaces. Her unique skill set helps convey her client’s custom designs to contractors and tradesmen so projects are easily and beautifully executed."

Newport Beach interior designer Genevieve Chambliss, and the owner of Viève Interiors design studio, is known for her comprehensive approach to design that embraces functionality along with personal expression of style; designing environments that are cohesive, polished, and evocative. Her motto of always striving to exceed rather than meet expectations is what gains her high value clients from Orange County, California and beyond.

We spoke with Genevieve about her technical background, personal style, and design tips. See what she had to say below, along with a look at some of her projects.

Image Credit: Viève Interiors

Q: Before you attended the Interior Designers Institute you spent several years working as a civil engineer. How have you integrated this background into your design work, creating such beautiful homes?

A: Yes, absolutely. I think my background gives me a more technical and practical way of thinking that not all designers have. While I'm good at the aesthetic stuff, I'm also skilled at drafting detailed plans, and great at working with contractors and their subs. I feel like I can speak their language so I can help address issues that inevitably come up on jobs. I also always consider how my designs are being built so the design is feasible from a construction stand-point all while being functional for the client and, of course, beautiful!

Image Credit: Viève Interiors

Q: How would you describe your personal style when it comes to interior design?

A: That's a tough question because I really like and appreciate the beauty of a lot of different styles. I think almost any style can be beautiful if a design is well executed. That is one of the reasons I enjoy tailoring a project to what a client likes instead of sticking to one specific style. But if I had to design a ground-up home for myself, I'd mix it up and incorporate some traditional elements in the architecture and millwork, white oak floors, modern light fixtures, and modern luxuries like a lighted mirror. Then I'd layer in a mix of furniture that is more modern and streamlined (like a comfy performance linen sofa) with a few vintage pieces, and a variety of cozy and charming fabrics with a bit of a granny-chic vibe. I think the key to mixing styles is defining a cohesive color palette and creating balance. Oh and of course, a lot of natural light is key! Not a "style," but makes a huge difference in a space.

Image Credit: Viève Interiors

Q: What are your favorite tips for reinventing outdated spaces?

A: My biggest tip is to pulling together a conceptual design before making specific choices. Get a plan on paper so you have a blank slate to work with and collect some inspiration images to define the vibe. That way you can be intentional about your selections and make sure things work well together instead of working in a more piecemeal way that results in a poor design.

Image Credit: Viève Interiors

Q: How can someone elevate their bathroom?

A: I think two things have the most impact in a bathroom: your finishes, and your vanity lighting and mirror. The finishes really dominate a bathroom space since you typically have tile all over the floors and a good portion of walls. I think using a natural stone is a classic way to give an elevated look all over. And after that, the vanity mirror and lighting are right in-front of you at eye-level where you spend a lot of your time so really making that moment feel luxurious and special is key to an elevated look. A lighted mirror is a great way to add a little luxury!

Image Credit: Viève Interiors

A: How can someone add character and charm to a room?

A: I think personal touches are what add character and charm to a space. So really feeling out a client's personality and likes are important to me. If a client really loves art I would highlight that art; if someone travels a lot, displaying travel photos or collections can add character. Or maybe someone is just a homebody who likes a lot of texture with soft fabrics, rough woods, and a cozy place to read. I think the charm of a space comes from really teasing out and infusing personality in design.

Image Credit: Viève Interiors

Q: What is your favorite collection from Modern Mirrors and why?

A: I think the Cassini collection is great! I like the clean look of the light being at the very edge of the mirror. And storage is something clients always ask for so the functionality is awesome!