Q&A with Nikki Levy
from Nikki Levy Interiors

"Interior designer Nikki Levy, is known for her “creative connections;” the process of combining complementing or contradicting ideas into fluid, unique and original interior design concepts."

South African born interior designer Nikki Levy, the owner of Nikki Levy Interiors is a creative soul who passionately expresses that through her designs. Nikki brings her talents to South Florida, gracing the interiors of luxury homes all across the gold coast.

Our team got the chance to speak with Nikki about her design projects. Take a peek into a few of her projects, and score some insightful design tips from the expert herself.

Image Credit: Nikki Levy Interiors

Q: On your website you write about being creative and moving from a career in marketing into design. What is your favorite part about your interior design career thus far and how does it fuel your creative passions?

A: Seeing projects from a blank page to completion is so rewarding. As a creative, my inspiration is fueled by having endless options and selections, and each time our designs begin to take shape, my soul soars a little bit higher. Seeing a fully installed home and clients who are beyond thrilled could not be more inspiring for the next project.

Image Credit: Nikki Levy Interiors

Q: How do you begin the design process?

A: I have no borders, no boundaries, and no limitations. I dive right in, with no preconceived notions, and wade through inspiration and motivation until a design begins to reveal itself. Often something small will catch my attention, and all of a sudden, a design is born.

Image Credit: Nikki Levy Interiors

Q: All of your designs are so exceptionally gorgeous, what makes the homes you design stand out from the ordinary home?

A: Nikki Levy Interiors is known for creative design. It's important that we give each home a unique aesthetic with enough hero elements to fully developed the design. We have a strong point of view, and really relish a client who is brave and willing to go on a design adventure with us. We are obsessed with texture and layering elements until they bloom.


Image Credit: Nikki Levy Interiors

Q: What is your favorite room to decorate and why?

A: I am a sucker for a good living room; the multitude of selections that can escalate into a design is thrilling. The combination of soft and hard selections in Bathrooms get me every time. How could I not love a space that is the most personal of a home? So many options and so many variations that are a cacophony of design at its best.

Image Credit: Nikki Levy Interiors

Q: What areas of the design project are most valuable to splurge on?

A: The obvious areas are the kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, and floor. Withstanding that, I always think about where you spend most of your time and what is most important to you. If you love snuggling in your bedroom all weekend, then splurge away in your bedroom. Create a cocoon with layers of comfort and luxury. If you love the outdoors, the pool patio is an essential area. Create pockets of space to sit outside in comfort, eat a meal, and make incredible family memories. Value and lifestyle are personal and you need to honor who you are in your space

Q: What is your favorite collection from Modern Mirrors and why? (Astral, Aura, Carina, ect... )

A: "The Cassini Collection"

I am currently building a home, and my secondary bathrooms have limited space. I love the fact that I can use the Cassini Collection for functionality, and not compromise on aesthetics at all. They are just gorgeous.